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Friday, October 21, 2005

Some more cool facts about the Who

Roger Harry Daltrey was born on March 1, 1944 in Shepherds Bush, London to Harry and Irene. John Alec Entwistle was born on October 9, 1944 in Chiswick, London to Herbert and Maud. Peter Dennis Blandford was born on May 19, 1945 in Chiswick, London to Clifford and Betty. Keith John Moon was born on August 23, 1947 in Wembley, London to Kathleen and Alfred.
  • October 29,1965 - the Who releases their first CD "My generation"
  • Decemer 11-12- the Rolling Stones film rock and roll circus with Eric Clapton, John Lennon, Jethro Tull and the Who.
  • 1990- the Who are inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame!
  • When the Who was on the simpsons in 2000, Pete's brother, Paul actually played Pete.
  • Keith Moon was responsible for the Who being banned from every Holiday Inn in the U.S because he was very wild while celebrating his 20th birthday in Flynt, Michigan.
  • Keith was also kicked out of another hotel, because he was nailing furniture to the ceilling.
  • Pete said that in high school, Roger Daltrey was a bully.