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Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Who were the 4 members of the Who and how did the Who get started?

The four members of the who were Roger Daltrey(vocals), John Entwistle(bass), Keith Moon(drums) and Pete Townshend(guitar).Pete and John went to high school together and were in a traditional jazz band in England. John left that band and joined Roger Daltrey's band, the Detours. John suggested that Pete also join the band and he did. One day, an 18 year old named Keith Moon came to where the Detours were playing and told the group that he could play better than the drummer they already had. He smashed the drum kit and the Detours replaced the old drummer with Keith Moon. The Detours later changed their name to the Who.


Blogger Mckoy said...

Why did the group change their name and the drummer. Is the band still good or is it better?

6:54 AM  
Blogger Melissa Joan Skidmore said...

the who

it answers the question

lindsey wrote it, i'm sure of it.

ppl would be interested in it

1:04 PM  

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