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Tuesday, December 14, 2004

When did the members of the Who get into music?

Roger Daltrey was a rebel in school and he didn't care what the school had to teach him. All he cared about was rock and roll. He built his first guitar out of wood and when he got a little bit older, his dad(Harry Daltrey) bought him his first guitar hoping that he would return to his studies. Roger became the lead guitarist for the Detours, but was expelled from Acton grammer school. When John Entwistle was 7 years old, he started playing piano until he was 11, when he started playing the trumpet. At Middlesex school, John played a tenor horn. When he was 14, he discovered Duane Eddy and wanted to play loud just like him. It irritated him when people turned up their guitar amps and played louder than him, so he took up guitar. When Keith Moon was 13, he joined the Sea Cadets and played the trumpet, but later switched to the bass drum. in 1961, Keith bought his first drum kit, a blue Premier one. In 1962, he played in a band called the Escorts. In December, he responded to an ad, and played with the Beachcombers. He later became an obsessive surf music fan. In 1964, Keith replaced the Who's drummer Doug Sandom. At age 12, Pete Townshend's grandmother bought him his first (cheap) guitar. Soon after that, Pete got a banjo and played in a band with John Entwistle. His mom, Betty, recalled that Pete would go to the local cinema a bunch of times to see "Rock Around the Clock." Pete grew up listening to a lot of music because his mother was a singer and his father played the alto sax.


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