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Friday, December 03, 2004

What were Who concerts like?

The Who had crazy, intense concerts. The Who were in the Guinness book of world records in 1976 for playing the loudest rock concert ever. After most concerts, guitarist Pete Townshend would smash his guitar which was still plugged in to amplifier so it would make very loud noises. After watching Townshend smashing his guitar, Keith Moon started smashing his drums while the crowd went wild. During concerts, Roger Daltrey swung his microphone while John Enwistle acted as the eye of the storm.


Blogger Melissa Joan Skidmore said...

this idea of this post is to inform ppl about what the who concerts were like. it does a good job of it

i'm sure lindsey wrote it.

it is appealing to the 'the who' fans.

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