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Friday, December 03, 2004

Review of "The kids are alright"

The kids are alright, directed by Jeff Stein, is a wonderful movie with many Who concerts and interviews. It's release was in 1979. The movie has stars in it like Ringo Starr, Steve Martin, Keith Richards and Jimmy O'neil. In the beginning of the movie, it shows Roger Daltrey with a nice, young boy look and then shows his rock god look that he transformed to pretty quickly after becoming a star. The kids are alright shows how crazy Who concerts were and how weird they were in interviews. In a recent interview done for the special edition of The kids are alright, Roger Daltrey said that he hadn't seen the whole movie since he saw a cut of it with Keith Moon a few weeks before Moon died . He said that he didn't like watching the past because it is already over and he likes to look in the future. He says that he can understand why fans would want to see it because they are watching the thing that they really love, but for him, it is watching his history and that brings up a lot of memories(good and bad). The movie also shows John Entwistle playing 2 songs with just the bass so it sounds really cool. It also shows how the people who worked on the movie made the old and messed up film look new. I would recomend this movie to anyone who loves rock music!!


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the movie u named

it answers the question

yes, defently

they'll undersatand it and find it interesting if theyb are peopel who like rock music or the may be interested in the movie shes talking about.

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