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Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Do the last two members of the Who still record together?

After 20 years of not recording together (but doing solo stuff), the Who's Roger Daltrey, and Pete Townshend are working on a new CD called Who2, that they hope to release around spring of 2005. "For nearly 3 years, Roger Daltrey watched Pete Townshend slowly killing himself with drugs and alcohol." Pete moved out on his wife and kids, and after a while, Roger decided that it would be best for Pete if the Who just stopped touring. The Who had their last tour in 1982, after the release of their last album called it's hard. Kenny Jones of face dances, replaced drummer Keith Moon who died in 1978. Pete, by that time, had very bad ear damage. Roger says that it is good to go out on top, with fans still loving you. John Entwistle said in an interview for the November 11, 1982 issue of Rolling Stones magazine, that if the Who stops touring, he does not want to stay in the band and just record. When told of this, Roger was taken aback because he had not been told.


Blogger Melissa Joan Skidmore said...

The idea of this is that who is going to release a new album.

I'm sure Lindsey wrote it.

It is appealing.

it seems perfect.

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